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Simple Refining is a family run company based in Cheshire, England. We specialise in refining and recycling all your dental scrap which commonly includes crowns, bridgework, dentures, inlays, clasps, gold teeth and other metal extractions.

By maintaining the highest standards and staying on the cutting edge of dental scrap technology and techniques, we have provided the dental community with the highest level of service in all aspects of the dental refining process. Sales reps and middlemen who visit your dental practice and buy dental waste on the spot commonly ignore the non-gold precious metals along with taking a very high commission. By dealing with us direct, we are able to utilise the latest XRF technology. This allows us to individually and most importantly non destructively analyse your dental scrap enabling us to pay for ALL PRECIOUS METALS including platinum and palladium.




We believe when you entrust a refining company to value your scrap, you need above all peace of mind to know you will receive a fair and accurate price. That is why we offer a completely free valuation (includes insured postage)

Simple Refining is very proud of the fact that we complete the whole process in-house of testing, valuing, melting and refining the scrap. Eradicating the need to outsource any work drastically increases the value you receive.

We can not increase the market value of gold but we can reduce the processing cost to a minimum enabling you to receive the highest return possible.


By using the most high-tec testing method available to the market today, we are able to analyse each individual unit to give a 99% accurate reading of Gold, Palladium, Platinum and Silver. By using x-ray fluorescence testing, you, the client are able to be in complete control throughout the process until a valuation has been approved and payment has been made. 
(postage to payment 24 hours)

A full Melt and Assay is also available if you have 500g or more. This takes 2-4 days and melt fees may apply.

Contact us to arrange a postal pack or request a FREE Simple Refining waste collection container by clicking on the button below.

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recycle dental waste and waste crowns

Reduce Waste and
earn money

Simple Refining is committed to environmental sustainability. Help reduce waste and the environment. Earn money for your dental scrap that is commonly tossed in the bin. Contact us for your FREE Simple Refining pack and dental scrap waste collection containers.


Read and hear what our customers say about us.

"We have used Micheal at Simple Refining for several years and have always been extremely pleased with his professionalism and honesty. He always gives us the best price and will answer any questions we ask of him. He is friendly and its always a pleasure when he visits us"

Wollaton Dental Care


"We always use Mike from Simple Refining and we are always happy with him, he gives us best price and he is a really pleasant man and I recommend him to anybody."



"I have been selling our waste crowns to Simple Refining for a while now and have always found them to be best. I initially had a couple of quotes from other companies but Simple Refining's was always higher so we just use them every time now. Every 4-6 months I just call or txt Mike to see when he is in the area and he always calls in within 7 days. Really couldn't be any happier."


"I have worked alongside Simple Refining since establishing my own company in 2015. Michael works extremely hard to ensure that his customers get the best in regards to prices and customer service. Would not hesitate to recommend Simple Refining to anybody."


"Very good service and definitely the best price."





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Please allow us to give you a free no-obligation quote on your dental scrap today. Should you have any questions please do let us know.

*Minimum of 20 crowns required for an insured postal pack * 

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